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The EdgeDave "The Edge" Evans was born in 1961, in Barking, Essex, in East London, to parents of Welsh descent, Garvin and Gwenda Evans. When he was one year old, he and his family moved to Dublin, where he has lived ever since.

Dave grew up as a quiet kid and was a bit of a loner. He was very intelligent and before U2 was formed, he wanted to go to the university and become a doctor. The Edge took piano and guitar lessons and often performed with his brother Dick Evans. In the fall of 1976, Larry Mullen posted an ad seeking musicians to form a rock band. Dave was the first to respond to the ad, and he went to Larry's house with his brother. The two brothers became part of the band, although Dick soon left the group.

Dave Evans was given the nickname "The Edge" by Bono, early in the band's career. Some say it was due to his "edgy" style of playing guitar, while others say it was inspired by the sharp features of his face and his sharp mind.

In 1983, Evans married his high school girlfriend Aislinn O'Sullivan. The couple had three daughters together: Hollie, Arun and Blue Angel. They separated in 1991, but were only divorced in 1996, after divorce became legal in Ireland. Much of the lyrical content of Achtung Baby related the break up of the marriage at that time.

In October 1997 , Evans had a fourth daughter, Sian Beatrice Echo, with Morleigh Steinberg, a belly dancer from U2's early 1990s Zoo TV Tour. Their son Levi was born in September 1999 and the couple married in June 2002.

The Edge's unique guitar playing makes up U2's trademark. In the summer of 2003, he was part of Rolling Stone magazine's list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time", at number 24. He also supplies backing vocals for U2 and he sang the lead vocal on "Van Diemen's Land" (Rattle and Hum), "Numb" (Zooropa) and the first half of the song "Seconds" from (War).

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