U2 Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Band?

Number of questions: 10
  1. In which year was U2 formed?
  2. What is the name of U2's debut album?
  3. U2 originated in Dublin (Ireland), however only one of its band members was born there. Which one?
  4. Before the band changed its name to U2, the band was also called "Feedback" and "The Hype":
  5. Which band member's brother was originally part of U2 but left early on?
  6. Which member posted a note on his school's bulletin board looking for people to join a band?
  7. How many Grammy Awards has U2 won?
  8. What is Bono's birth name?
  9. Which role does Adam Clayton play in the band?
  10. What was the first song that the Edge sang lead vocals on?